Slide At Alpine 4, our strategy is to acquire and hold uniquely positioned companies that fit into 1 of 3 categories: Driver, Stabilizer, Facilitator

Driver companies are in emerging markets, have enormous upside potential for revenue and profits and have a significant opportunity to capture market share. These types of acquisitions are typically exciting, pre-revenue companies that need structure and capital to support their unrealized future growth.

Vayu Aerospace and SpectrumEbos currently reside within the Driver category.

Stabilizer companies have “sticky” customers with consistent revenue and provide solid net profits. Alternative Labs, Thermal Dynamics, Morris Sheet Metal and JTD Spiral currently reside within the Stabilizer category.

Facilitator companies provide a product or service that another Alpine 4 subsidiary can use as leverage to create a competitive advantage. Facilitators are our “secret sauce.” Our greatest competitive advantage is our highly diversified business structure that brings resources, planning, technology and capacity that our competitors simply do not have access to.

Quality Circuit Assembly, Quality Circuit Assembly Central and Excel Fabrication currently reside within the Facilitator category.

Subsidiaries can move from one category to another depending upon the function they best serve. This fluidity allows Alpine 4 to adapt within market and industry conditions.